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About Motion is Great

Motion is Great is from Dig the Good. We have many ideas. See the list below.

Motion is Great, like all of our ideas, may have many different versions. Life is movement. Get in motion. It is part of the Health Collection from Dig the Good where similar ideas can be found. Other versions (when available) of Motion is Great can be found on this idea's versions page.

Dig the Good's mission is to be a garden for ideas (concepts, designs and/or art) to grow from seed (conception/imagination) to harvest (in terms of creative satisfaction, fun, hope, change, business, reach, impact or goodness). We want to create and promote ideas that bring smiles and joy or that at least make you think. We advocate for these ideas and encourage you to do the same. We want to Dig the Good ones whether they are perennials or annuals. We want to nourish them and keep them thriving. We aim to align with ideas that promote hope and/or fun. We hope you enjoy. To learn more visit Dig the Good's About page

Introduction to Dig the Good's garden

There is also an alphabetical list of our DaD ideas.